I'm not very good at generating random words on demand. Count 1, 2, 3 (at 1hz), then say one: artichoke. 1, 2, 3, pterodactyl. The problem is, you get used to listening to your brain queueing up the next word, and you feel the association vectors turning into place, or the sound at the beginning just starting to form. The rule is, you're not allowed to say those words. You mustn't even have a sniff of the word until you say it. 1 2 3 cavernous. That's why the pauses are so difficult, because they give you time to think. Excitation and lateral inhibition, the increasing dominance of a single idea, and the growing difficulty in finding new ones. 1 2 3 slat. Possibly you can begin to approach a state of immanence, although the tempation is always to look back to find hidden patterns. There's a technique, certainly. 1 2 3 furniture. 1 2 3 blackbird. 1 2 3 ampere.