16.42, Tuesday 18 Nov 2003 Link to this post

Curious. Sites that spam referrer logs with the addresses of fake weblogs. Said fake weblogs appear to be auto-generated from press release news feeds (topic based) and some have permalinks set to the current date and time. Links are hidden from the browser status bar. There's a blogroll with popular weblogs listed, and a list of referrer urls -- at least some of these don't appear to be genuine: are they paid adverts? The whois information doesn't turn up anything useful, other than they're all registered and hosted with the same company. Maybe it's a controlled experiment to see what topics get enough interest to autogenerate and spam with; maybe it's a way of spamming the blog search tools. Anyone know more?

Fake weblogs: kwlablog.com; jennifersblog.com; malixya.com; saulem.com; teoras.com; wr18.com