1. When we say state space: Think of a bob bouncing on a spring. In the middle it has zero displacement but it's moving fast. At the top (or the bottom) it's moving not at all, but has maximum displacement. Draw a graph of this. Displacement is a state of the bob; velocity is a state. As the bob goes up and down in real space, it draws a circle on the graph. This is state space. The circle the bob has drawn is a manifold.
  2. When we say Christ: The manifold can be 3d. Why not? A million bobs moving through sands and liquids influenced by magnets and pellet guns -- we could draw any kind of shape we like. I have a special graphics card for my computer with four thousand and ninety six bobs influenced by magnets, and they draw manifolds under instruction from a CAD package. The bobs look like vacuum tubes, only smaller.
  3. When we say rose again: I say I made a man in state space, the manifold [in the shape] of a man, and I say I nailed him to a cross, and I say he died for our sins.
  4. And when I say a cross I'm saying that's a vector pointing into the page, like this (x), and for completeness and so you know, a vector pointing out of the page is shown by a dot like this (.). Or I'm saying the cross is another man, the abstract of a man this time, two axes: the major axis from the brain to the genitals, the minor axis from left hand to right hand, and as Christ was held up by proto-Man He died, because touching Man and being killed by Man are the same. Or I'm saying the vector cross product, which is the vector multiplied by each of the vector-paths through state space making the wireframe, and it twists each into a new vector at right-angles to them both, because that's what the cross product does.
  5. And right-angles means they all point inwards. And inwards means the trajectories converge and the manifold collapses to a point and Christ becomes space and space becomes a singularity,
  6. and
  7. then
  8. it explodes, and it's the Big Bang, and that's the universe: right there.
  1. When I say I miss you, it's because I do.