(some notes start)

  1. distance is the half-life of causality
  2. what i mean is/
    where we are going with this is
  3. there are certain properties to the universe, certain aspects of the isness, that we could call "ways it operates". distance is one
  4. actually, it's the isness+our_physics
  5. anyway
  6. we relate to these things in our own way
  7. [implicature]
  8. and extract hints and useful information,
  9. so
  10. over all those 100000s years before the holocene
  11. distance => transformations get diluted && transformations getting diluted => distance
  12. it goes both ways!
  14. so when an artifact passes a certain level of complexity
  15. [similar to when a machine passes a certain level of complexity and the mind just starts treating it as another person]
  16. then we start treating things like the universe
  17. and this is why we have to understand what the brain expects from the universe (distance) and how to build that in (to our virtual worlds) and what this means.
  • the continuous strand of reality we call the virtual world is anything that exists above this level of complexity, anything that is constructed from statements, and the people who work with/in it.
  • we shape the real world by extelligence the whole time, this is another thing that is built in. however this is not built into cyberspace so it is being shaped only by certain people who are making it awful in the hinternet. it's like a fourier transform: adding together lots of ways to make a shape within certain bounds -- but what happens outside those bounds? anything. this is a problem with the virtual world.
  • the pyramids were virtual worlds. they were our cyberspace.
  • a five thousand year vapour trail of humanity.

(some notes end)