The widening domains of BBC search meets weblogs: Searching the BlogSphere (includes source) [via Gotzeblogged]: "Search the Web/ Search my Blog/ Search Blogs I Read". Spot on!

(I really rate the way the BBC search works -- if you search at BBC Food then it looks closest to that first, then all the BBC, then the www at large. And gives a great interface to it. It's changed the way I use on-site search engines: I now go to Guardian Unlimited, navigate to the section I know the article I'm looking for is in, then use the search engine. But does it give me closest results first? Nope. But it should take advantage of those clues I give it! This would be a way for the Google Toolbar to be improved, over-and-above the Google site itself. Use current site and the relatedness/distances implicit in the Google map (maybe recent navigation too) to push up results that are close by. It'd work wonders for the Guardian.)