Microsoft at Comdex have been talking about several very interesting technologies. Dan Hon of Ext|Circ has been tracking and talking:

  • Links on MyLifeBits. This sounds like a great idea, and one I've thought about. It's followed up in Dan's Smart Mobs post where RFIDs are mentioned (RFIDs are radio-bright chips with storage capacity, and are cheap enough to embed in banknotes). So how about RFIDs in adverts, shops, everything I pass, all stored by my mobile phone -- I'd love to be able to scroll back and find out more about that interesting shop I passed last Saturday afternoon. This is RealLifestreams; the concept of substreams for different levels of importance is the most important part. Like a weblog being an amplified of your www browser history.
  • Microsoft Office OneNote, commentary explaining just how brilliant it is. Of course the software should manage folders aswell as files! Excellent notes.
  • Smart objects link. My pov: Yes this is great, but the implementation's wrong. Devices should publish events and interfaces. Allow themselves to be recombined. Not be all wrapped up in themselves. Oh, just read my email about cascading recombinance in the real world to see what I mean.

Incidentally, you might have guessed by now but Dan Hon's ext|circ is a brilliant weblog.