Redesign! Welcome to the brown skin. Naturally you'll have to visit the 'site to see it (the majority of my traffic is now by email or RSS) -- but if you still can't, you probably have the skin cookie set. Visit the skinner to select back to the default.

So what's new? It's my first non-table and 100% css design for a start. The sitenav, always awkward, has been moved to the bottom of the page (it's there for people looking rather than to stumble across), and even the banner has been moved: the emphasis is on the posts, and seeing what's latest. There's also a commenting feature, but I'll roll that out once the inevitable design bugs have been squashed. My favourite feature: the whitespace of the indented paragraphs describes a square. I like that.

I'm surprised by how many browsers now support css. Last I looked properly (um, ages ago) it was a reckless design decision. So, this skin should work happily in IE5+ and Mozilla, and degrade kind-of-okay for the rest. Naturally it looks most beautiful in Chimera on Mac OS X using Gill Sans. I say naturally because my sites tend to only ever work in whatever my favourite browser of the week is.

If you find bugs please mail me a screenshot, or let me know if it's difficult to read on your system (font or contrast problems). I'll see what I can do. Also thanks to Phil and Tom for helping me with css weirdnesses. And there we go. Long live blue and brown.