Simply awesome Royksopp music video (track: Remind Me) [Real video]. 1980s infographic heaven. Inspirational. (Also. I'd heard rumors the album Melody AM had been re-released and re-produced but I didn't realise how much dancier this track would sound. It's still great music, but it's somehow less euro-urban, less London. The best place to listen to Royksopp is loud mp3s on crowded streets -- I don't know whether that's still true.)

(Another Also. While I don't like buying singles (but buy albums), I would certainly pay five of your english quids for a high-quality mpg music video that I liked. And forget about losing money because it's being shared: only a select few people have the bandwidth to idly swap enormous videos, and they're going to be the ones spreading the word. Any music execs listening?)