Reboot conference, boingboing provides keynote coverage: "The computer industry did not create the personal computer; it was created by people in their 20s who wanted a tool of their own. The Internet was created for the most part by people in their 20s, not the phone company."

My favourite line: "Doug Engelbart said: In 1950 -- 1950 -- he was 25 years old. He drove to his engineering office every day through the largest fruit orchard in the world, now known as Silicon Valley, when he hit upon the idea of using computers to solve problems. Seems obvious, but in 1950, the world's entire RAM was 1K."

The paper Engelbart would write is Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework, essentially a project proposal/mission statement for the computer. Incredible. Read it now.

See also: Information Management: A Proposal -- the original understated proposal for what would become the World Wide Web.