"Local Girl Disappears, Feared Abducted". A rather topical Upsideclown from James. "Hertfordshire police still have no solid leads in the search for missing schoolgirl Jenny Wilcroft, 16". You should read Beggering Belief.

And whilst I'm on the subject, there's been a string of really good Upsideclones these last few weeks, especially the current one (if I'm allowed to be prejudiced towards any in particular). If I were you, I'd go there now and read through the archives. A little sci-fi, a little offbeat, a little paranoid. Exactly what the 'clone is all about.

Getting personal for a second, I'll tell you what I really like about doing 'clown and 'clone: That I love the writing of every single person writing for them. I'm not sure that all of these people would be doing creative writing if these sites weren't there, and if they were I'm not sure that I (with my Reader hat on) would be able to find their work. The fact that it's all in one place and it lands in my inbox and we get submissions from people who also write extremely well makes me very very pleased. It's magnificent. And you know, I'm not sure whether I've ever said thankyou to everyone. Time for another party I think.