A wrong-number voicemail, as left for me earlier today: "hello kelly it's kylie. um. kimberley and... damn what's the name um shit what's the name, um i forgot the name, um, you know the one y'know ashley went out with. they're coming in to bow looking for you, so you know watch out. cheers. ring me when you get this message. cheers. bye" -- as said by a very young sounding girl.

What's that supposed to mean, "watch out"? Gangland warfare among prepubescents? Is there a hit out on Kelly? How does Kylie know? And that fact that she didn't get this message... maybe it was meant for me. Maybe I'm meant to follow it up, and it's related to the bag of documents left outside my house and the symbols carved into the pavement. Is Kelly my codename? And does Ashley know he's fraternising with the criminal underworld?