New Upsideclown. Drop Dead Letters: "I would leave a message in a Dead Letter Box, somewhere in London, and then provide clues to the other two until they found it. The turn would then move on."

I often think about this. What if there's a dual London? Lives parallel to our operating in the same physical space but with completely different goals? Things that are meaningless to me (like the etchings on the kerb stones) might be important symbols of ground warfare and disputed territories. Anyway.

Also, new Upsideclone. From a new writer too, matzu. High energy. Good laugh. Send in the clones: "a clone is simply a genetic copy - in fact, its not even 100% a perfect copy, as Dolly has shown us by getting arthritis - although to my eye, all sheep look the same and I wouldnt put it past certain members of the scientific community to just wheel out another sheep and say "hey. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeres Dolly!" like I could tell..."

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