Inspired by a reader who mentioned this offhand, I've been trying to find out about Roland Barthes and hypertext. I can tell that finding out more would be fruitful, it's just difficult to know where to start (so hints and tips welcome).

Resources to read further include: Hypertext and Critical Theory, part of a book; Hypertext Defined, full of great looking links and an interesting hypertext-as-trails definition (and somebody called Landow to investigate. The name rings a bell); and links to other Barthes/hypertext resources. (And then of course I grep my inbox and find "We need a web equivalent of Barthes' S/Z", from the Usual Suspect, which evidently didn't trigger me in the way it should have the first time round.) Topics to pursue: the Writerly Text, Semiotics, Critical Theory.

So many branches to check. Given I can't dedicate large chunks of contiguous time to this, I need a good way of organising research of complex topics like this, such that I can pick up where I left off, and efficiently file/rate good resources. A card-index could help.