So, what's Apple's next big thing? Here's my guess.

It's a 2Ghz G5 Powermac, but utilising expertise from the iPod and the Cube it's an odd shape (a sphere), extremely small (about the size of an orange), and has no screen, no keyboard, and no ports. Instead all communication is done via Airport or through the conductive metal surface, which is also how it gets its power. The great thing is, put two of these G5 Spheres next to each other and they automagically start a clustered parallel computer. Need more computing power? Just add more PowerSpheres to the crate!

Naturally you can have as many screens as you want. The peeloff display now comes as standard - it's a tablet LCD with hardware PDF rendering (Quartz) to the screen, and pen input with Apple InkWell technology - communicating with the Appleseed cluster via Airport (the cluster itself is rackmounted in slim crates of spheres in your basement. Like a marketstall). With an interface like this, and the voice input, and the wireless linkup with your PDA/ MP3 device/ iPhoto aka the PowerPod, you shouldn't need a keyboard or a mouse, but if you do that's no problem. But the mouse will only have one button and will hurt your hand. And they haven't ported Photoshop yet.

Oh, and Steve Jobs is going to walk onto stage with a Gigawire port on his spine. I can't wait!