Just because it's Christmas Day in this particular Western World commuter village, it's still a Monday in the land of Upsideclown (fresh Mondays and Thursdays) and that's what counts.

Now, the first thing I want us to do is just to take a moment to reflect on what it is that has brought us here. What was it that you were expecting? What were your hopes? What about your anxieties? I'm not going to ask you to share them with everyone because sometimes there can be something very personal about our fears but bear them in mind because it helps us to remember that we are all bringing our outside experiences in with us today and taking this experience back out. Above all I want to help you realise that this site is a mirror, it causes us to see and to understand ourselves as much as it may inform or entertain.

Today we have a fantastic piece from Neil in which, as his gift to you (whether you want it or not) he'll explain a little about the spirit of Upsideclown. We hope it helps. For your entertainment, delight, and (above all) spiritual enlightenment: Many in Body, One in Mind.