Two word games to play for fun and profit, and a not very good surprise:

  • Everything you say, only say the first three letters. Is it possible to guess what other people are saying just by context? I've found that since the words are so short, the sentences have to be really long (isn't this a characteristic of languages with short words? Hm, can't remember). You end up spe lik thi. You don say the wor pho, but as if the fir thr let wer a wor in the [You don't say the words phonetically, but as if the first three letters were a word in itself].
  • Have a conversation without using any words over four letters. Not too hard, but a lot of fun. A few of us had a play of this game in the pub, and even the man in the fish and chip shop had a go - but he did not know it - when he said that what we got him to put on the food was "bad for your sexy life". (Before you say anything, it was vinegar on chips. We didn't ask for bromine or anything.)

Not very good surprise: There's not profit involved. Just fun. If you're that way inclined. Like me. Ahem.