People collect their favourite words: One; two; three. The UK's favourite word is serendipity. There's a draw for ninth place: bollocks/compassion/fuck/home.

My current favourite words:

  • Astonishing
    which doesn't get used nearly enough.
  • Heartening
    which is not only a beautiful word but a beautiful concept. We should work for heartening things.
  • Otter
    which is a brilliant word, but I have no idea why. Otter. Otterotterotter.
  • Augment
    which is this week's number one word. It reminds me of silver, and of building and grafting. I enjoyed saying "augment the location object" yesterday until someone caught me at it, and that was fairly embarrassing.

I'm currently reading The Story of English which in the course of its history points out the birth of words. It gives a joy to speaking.