A little meta info you never really needed|wanted to know...

First kottke unshifted me onto his Recommended Links list, and being one of the two sites (the other being Robotwisdom) I checked daily for a long time: let's say I'm pleased.

Then next I hear that Lance Arthur when interviewed at waferbaby mentioned Dirk when asked where he spent his online hours. And being some of Dirk's earliest publicity when I was but a www virgin (practically).

These kind of people inspired me, and I still feel new here. I try not to think about what people would[n't] like to read or take part in weblog conversations or even make posts like this. And I wouldn't, usually. But then today I got a piece of fanmail and I'm touched -- that someone likes what I write. Wow. Thanks. My #1 fan.

Is that my biggest fan, or my first fan?