I went to see a talk presented by the Upstart Network at university, and from time to time they send me junk mail. Including, today, the most biased questionnaire in the world (you'll be impressed). The last question:

If you had to choose between them, which of the following two employers would you work for?

  • Employer A
    £35,000 annual salary + gym/pensions/healthcare package ONLY
  • Employer B
    £34,000 annual salary + gym/pensions/healthcare package PLUS membership of a company that provides you with a talented account manager who can organise any projects on your behalf, saving an average 3 or 4 hours a week in admin, chores and organisation time. Anything from expertly organising flat searches, house moves, club guest lists, travel and restaurant bookings, parties, car buying and servicing, present buying etc. - anything that helps manage a hectic professional life!

I wonder.