10 Out Of 10 is the young person's guide to Downing Street and politics. It's pretty well drawn, and is actually quite well written, but they make one or two really disappointing mistakes.

The whole site is in asp from a database. 10 Out Of 10 can be found at /default.asp?pageid=8. Right -- how is that ever going to be found by a search engine? What's the point of going to all that effort to put all that content up that and virtually ensuring that it'll never be found? All it needs is an internal url redirect. The navigation, too, is a little erratic: The main navigation bar has constantly changing links with a design format that implies they belong to the 10 Out Of 10 section (they don't). Again, disappointing. To come so far and to stop just short; it's a shame.

And then there are the 'Click here...' links scattered over the site, but we won't even go into that.