The following urls come from last night's conversation. With some of them, it's really best just not to ask what we were talking about. Whatever you think, you're probably right. (It's in chronological order, too.)

  • Thundercats swearing like sailors [intro]
    Out-takes of the Thundercats voice over guys profaning like they're at the docks. Kewl. One of them has a dialogue epiphany right in the middle of talking about the Sword of Omens.
  • X-Entertainment
    Much tele kitsch for download, with alarmingly extensive commentary. If you're broadband and you like Vanilla Ice, He-Man, My Little Pony or any of the rest -- for you.
  • ZoRaK's PaGE of RAISIN' HECK!!!
    I've seen Space Ghost twice and out of all the sarcastic cartoon-live-action-combo fringe interview programmes I've seen this is by far the funniest. The whole Space Ghost site is excellent content.
  • 253
    I didn't know Geoff Ryman's book was originally a web site. I've not read either, but I'm going to now -- apparently the contrast between the two versions is most interesting. The premise: a story for each person on a single tube train.
  • iamhappyblue
    Looks like commentary, a zine, and dirty pictures. A good mix, and Dan says it's good. So.
  • Blossom crotch shot
    Blossom: American tele sitcom about a girl who looks like a horse, her friend, and a bunch of men. I hate it with a passion, and this is Mayim Bialik, the star, almost completely naked. It's uncanny seeing that face out of context, and I'm pleased that the www includes such items as this. It's justice, of a sort.
  • The Journal of Mundane Behavior.
    Scientific papers about really dull things and not even a glint of irony. Interesting reading, in some way. Utter bollocks, of course, but the article about Japanese elevators is entertaining.

Unfortunately I can't link to the banjo that came later, but suffice to say it was as excellent as it sounds. Yes.