Okay, so I can't sleep. Let me tell you about Upsideclown instead.

Thursday means new clown: You can tell the clowners are off on holiday. Victor continues our slide into travelogue with Ice-cream in Offworld, a tour of, oh, nowhere you've been anyway. Enjoy.

But let me delve backwards into clowns gone (glossing rather rudely over George's European adventures in This Way to concentrate on my own).

It's been almost two years since I wrote something I was actually proud of. A long time since I finished a piece of writing to feel that it was at least touching what I'd write in an ideal world. But now: with last Monday's Upsideclown, Sixty worlds a minute, I feel I've regained my form. I'm genuinely so pleased with what is there that it doesn't matter if other people don't quite understand what I mean, or don't like it, or are just completely indifferent to it (writing comprehensibly and interestingly can come later) -- I just feel that the picture I've painted for myself, with these words, is so vivid and beautiful - and so rare - that I don't mind.

Of course, I'd like you to like it. But really, if you don't get the clowning, please just enjoy the pictures.