18.00, Monday 28 Aug 2000 Link to this post

Tomorrow, I'm off to Santiago de Compostela for a week of, oh, something or other. A week, anyway. In case I don't see you:

  • Upsideclown is fresh on Thursday and Monday. And it's my article on Monday (September 4th) so you better go and bloody read it. Or there'll be trouble.
  • Santiago being a pilgrimage town, I fully expect there to be the whole gamut of Catholic tat merchandise: illuminated Pope busts, candles shaped like burning pyres, replicas of fragments of the true cross, and so on and so forth. In celebration of my first holiday abroad for literally aeons, I hereby promise to send the most tacky religious postcard I can find to anyone who tells me their address over the next week, for free, gratis, out of the goodness of my very good heart. And what's more, I also promise not to sell your address to too many people.
  • Please don't shit on the carpet. I've only just got it clean.

I think that's everything. Now play nicely boys and girls, and I'll pop my head in if I can.