Right then, it's just getting a little bit weird. Shopping for dinner last night, looking at the neck pillows (as you do), and what do I see but only my mate Andrew McCargow on the front of the executive travel bag box. And the rucksack box. I haven't seen Andrew for months (he's in .au), so not only is it good to see him, but I'm proud, like he's somehow subverted the hierarchy, and by proxy (because I know him) so have I. The other shoppers in Tesco were this close to knowing too, but Es wouldn't let me tell them.

And then, on my way back this morning, I drove for 15 minutes behind a van for DPR Windows, with the url displayed prominently on the back. The site being, of course, my first commercial one ever, and unbelievably ugly. So I just kept my head right down, so no one would recognise me, and tried not to crash into the back of it.