So far, in terms of technology and engagement, I’ve talked about:

I want to talk about the third and last aspect I’ve been thinking about now, which is “body-thinking.”

All I mean by this is that the movements of our bodies are used just as much as our senses for reading the world, and the best example of this I know is in a piece of digital storytelling… okay, a game… a game called “Project Rub” on the Nintendo DS.

The DS is a handheld device with a touch screen and a microphone. It’s pretty popular.

Project Rub is a game about getting a girlfriend. There she is, wearing blue. You have to win her heart and protect her from all kinds of calamities that might occur. You’re helped out by these dudes with rabbit ears who only appear in silhouette. It’s a cracking game.

Matt Webb, S&W, posted 2006-07-14 (talk on 2006-07-13)