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From: Lite Lin (lin@cs.wmich.edu)
Subject: CZECHOSLOVAKIA: official statements from goverment and opposition
Newsgroups: soc.culture.china
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Date: 1989-11-30 04:17:22 PST
This is ported from the newsgroup soc.rights.human, for the benefit for
those who do not have access to USENET -- in case someone is interested.
Dennis Kriz at USC posted the original; thanks, Dennis.


>From: kriz@skat.usc.edu (Dennis Kriz)
Newsgroups: soc.rights.human
Subject: CZECHOSLOVAKIA - official statements of the CSCP and Civic Forum 11/28
Summary: Civic Forum Demands, Leading role of Communist Party to be terminated
Keywords: Demands, Civic Forum;  Czechoslovak Communist Party, leading role
Date: 30 Nov 89 02:02:30 GMT
Reply-To: kriz@skat.usc.edu (Dennis Kriz)
Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

from the NY Times [Nov. 29, 1989]:

Excerpts From Statements by Czechoslovak Leaders and Opposition

Prague, Nov. 28 -- Following are excerpts from statements issued by
the Czechoslovak Government and by Civic Forum and the Public Against
Violence, two leading Czechoslovak opposition groups, after Prime
Minister Ladislav Adamec met with the opposition groups today.  The
Government statement was translated by the New York TImes; the
opposition issued an official translation.


Delegations of the Central Committee of the Czechoslovak National
Front and the Czechoslovak Government, headed by Prime Minister
Ladislave Adamec, and the Civic Forum, led by playwright Vaclav Havel,
met today ....

It was agreed by the Prime Minister that a new government should be
formed by Dec. 3, 1989, composed mainly of experts and professionals.
It is expected that this will be a broad coalition government with
representatives of other political parties and of course
representatives of the Communist Party.

The Government will propose to the Federal Assembly to change three
articles in the Czechoslovak Constitution: to leave out the provision
on the leading role of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in society;
to leave out the provision that the National Front is closed to other
parties and the leading role of the Czechoslovak Communist Party in
this organization; and to leave out the provision that education is
carried out in the spirit of Marxism-Leninism.

This concept will be replaced by the formulation that education is
carried out in harmony with scientific knowledge and at the same time
the principles of humanity and humanism.

The Czechoslovak Prime Minister promised to ask the national committee
of the capital, Prague, to provied necessary facilities for the
activity of the Civic Forum.



The Prime Minister promised the Civic Forum (CF -- Czech) and People
Against Violence (PAV -- Slovak) delegation that by Dec. 3,
1989, he will present a newly composed and reorganized Cabinet.

The Prime Minister notified the CF and PAV delegation that tommorrow
he will submit to the Federal Assembly the draft of a constitutional
law which will delete from the Czechoslovak Constitution those
articles which deal with the leading role of the Communist Party of
Czechoslovakia and with Marxism-Leninism as the state ideology.

The PRime Minister promised the CF and PAV delegation that he will
immediately discuss with the Municipal National Committee of Prague
and with other institutions that the CF and PAV have access to the
communication media, as well as conditions for the publication of a
daily newspaper.

The Prime Minsiter informed the CF and PAV delegation that he has
already submitted to the President of the Republic the suggestion that
all the political prisoners whose names were submitted by the SF to
the Prime Minister at theri last meeting be pardoned.  The CF intends
to appeal to the President that he do so before Dec. 10 ... The CF is
receiving information that its list is incomplete and therefore the CF
and PAV reserve the right to extend thist list ....

The Presidium of the Federal Assembly will tomorrow ... suggest the
setting up of a special committee to investigate the brutal
intervention against a peaceful demonstration of Prague students on
Nov. 17 of this year.  Representatives of the CF, especially students,
will be invited to participate in the work of this committee.

The delegation of the CF and PAV requested of the Prime Minister that
the changed Cabinet, as speedily as possible, issue the outlines of
its program declaration which would make it plain that the Government
is prepared to create the legal prerequisites for the holding of free
elections, assuring freedom of assembly and association, freedom of
speech and the press, the abolition of government supervision of the
churches and change in the defense law, as well as others.

The delegation made it plain to the Prime Minister that if the public
is not satisfied with the program declaration of the Goevernment and
its transformation into specific measures, the CF and PAV will at the
end of this year, ask the Prime Minister and his Cabinet to resign and
the President of the Republic to namw a new Prime Minister, which if
the President considers it suitable, will be drafted by the CF and

The CF and PAV will on Nov 29, 1989 appeal in writing to the President
Dr. Gustav Huask, to resign before Dec. 10, 1989.

The CF and PAV delegation proposed to the Prime MInister that the
Government of Czechoslovakia submit to the Federal Assembly the draft
of a constitutional law, according to which those deputies of the
Federal Assembly, the Czech National Council, the Slovak National
Council and national committees at all levels who have betrayed their
oaths as deputies and have not taken into account the will and
interests of the people have their mandate revoked.  THe method of
holding by-elections will be drafted by the CF and PAV shortly.

THe CF and PAV appeal to the Government and the Federal Assembly to
immediately condemn the occupation of the country by the Warsaw Pact
armies in 1968.

The CF and PAV are of the opinion that these results of the
negotiations are sufficient for it to appeal to all citizens to
continue in their work while maintaining a permanent strike alert ...

The CF and PAV will appeal to the publc that it assess the situation
and results we have so far achieved in our negotiations and make its
opinion known to the CF and PAV in all available ways.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
                                     -- Declaration of Independence

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