Okay. About me. Here’s a book that I wrote, this is the Japanese edition. It’s tricks you can do to your brain to see how it works. So I can show you how your vision shuts off when your eyes are moving, just using a mirror. And there are optical illusions, how emotions spread, the kind of things our eyes don’t notice, that sort of thing. I use it when I’m designing interfaces, and I give talks about it.

Let’s see. Other stuff. I ran a short fiction website for 3 years. We ended up self-publishing a book there. I wrote short sci-fi on that for a while. I’ve just started another fiction website. I write web toys and code. My first one was a bit over 8 years ago. At the moment I’m writing a multiplayer text adventure that you play online with your friends.

Um. I read a lot. Science fiction and philosophy. I don’t really believe there’s much of a difference. I’m just going to show you some stuff that I like.

Matt Webb, S&W, posted 2006-04-06 (talk on 2006-02-23)