The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

Day-by-day Da Vinci. Read the pages of the Notebooks by RSS, one at a time. (Credits.)

I want to read the Notebooks, but there are 1,565 pages and I have too much else to read.

At a page a day it would take a little over four years, but be manageable.

Fortunately Project Gutenberg (who make freely available online out-of-copyright books) has created a text version of the Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci. You can download it. It lacks the illustrations of the original, but it's Good Enough.

Using this site, I can read one page a day using my RSS News Reader. Find an RSS News Reader. I started at page 1 on May 30th, 2004. I'm now on page 1034 (wrapping around). You can either read along with me, or start reading at page 1 today.

Subscribe to one of the following two feeds (copy and paste the URL into your Reader):

→ Start reading today (starts at page 1):
→ Read with me (starts at page 1034):

Whichever feed you choose, the fifteen most recent pages are shown (so you can get a little behind and still catch up).

To see what you're getting yourself into, read page 1 now, or a random page.

Also read the translator's original preface and the Volume I table of contents.

Notebook by Leonardo Da Vinci,
book by Project Gutenberg
this site by Matt Webb.