Virtual webcams and video presentations, July 2020

Continuing to tinker... This is something I would like. Nothing super clever going on in the tech here (greenscreening my iPad and directing it into a virtual webcam) but it's a neat setup to experiment with interactions.

I draw on this green screen and it appears over my face.


Doing a talk later, and now I can layer my slides and my face on the live stream. Not the most sophisticated setup, but flexible enough for creative experimentation in for-real scenarios.

Slides have green backgrounds so they can be chromakeyed out:

Here's the setup in the streaming software. It's fun to peep around the slide elements.


This page is a continuation of the experiments in Fun with projectors and video calls (May 2020).

**MORE: there's more about this on my blog, More experiments with video calls, and what slides are for (31 Jul 2020).