Here's another one. I was also obsessed with the movie WarGames.

It also had a talking computer in it, called Joshua.

It spoke in a computer voice, GREETINGS PROFESSOR FALCON

And you may think that's the reason I liked the film. But it's not.

I only found out the real reason when I re-watched the film a couple of years back, and I realised - to my total shame - that I had repeatedly watched War Games because my ten-year-old self had a massive crush on Ally Sheedy.

So I grew up with artificial intelligences. I mean, not Jungle Book grew-up-with, like Mowgli with computers. I mean I encountered them a lot in movies.

I like to think of this as my origin myth.

Source: WarGames (1983)

Matt Webb, Web Directions South 2014 (Sydney, Australia), October 2014