One last origin myth, and this is my favourite of all, from a sci-fi novel called the Embedding by Ian Watson, and it's about where stars come from.

It's a throwaway line in a story about science-fiction-linguistics and it's just exquisite.

"the Xorghil dust-whales are the sentient patterns imposed on the densest dust of a bright nebula, who tow their dying individuals towards a stellar contraction pool where their dead bodies may finally be compacted into a star and reborn as light."

The idea that the stellar dust itself is sentient, that everything in the universe might be conscious, even just a little bit, is panpsychism. And you know what, in my heart of hearts, I buy that, I really do.

Everything is fractionally alive.

Everything is fractionally processing information, maybe just a teeny weeny little bit, and very very slowly, everything is fractionally intelligent.

Matt Webb, Web Directions South 2014 (Sydney, Australia), October 2014