And here’s the browser with idea #1, sitemapdb!

Okay, what we’ve got here is a toolbar at the top of the browser that is conceptually half-way between the website and the browser itself. You can see the homepage, the crumbtrail to the current location, sibling pages, and so on. By digging a bit deeper, you could see the entire structure of the site. The searchbox searches within this particular portion of the site.

I think Google now has a standard XML dialect for sitemaps, so sitemaps could be done by the owners of the site. But sitemapdb is a distributed effort. It’s like IMDB, or FreeDB for CDs, or CNDB… it’s a database of sitemaps that anyone can contribute to and edit, keep up to date and so on, that adds functionality and structure to the sites we pass through.

Matt Webb, S&W, posted and presented on 2006-06-01