“Eusa sed, Tel mor. The Addom sed, I wan tu woman I wan tu man. Eusa sed, Tel mor. The Addom sed, I wan tu plus I wan to minus I wan tu big I wan tu littl I wan tu aul I wan tu nothing.”

You see, they’ve taken the image of Jesus being crucified, and interpreted that as a man being pulled in two. And that splitting has become confused with the first man, Adam, and the splitting of the Atom itself. Addom, the Littl Man, becomes a metaphor for man’s destruction by searching for too much knowledge, and for dualism itself.

Greek dualism, I guess, being the downfall of the world. Too much division. too much naming and sorting things into categories.

The images and this slide and the last are 100 microsecond exposure photographs of atomic bomb explosions. They seemed appropriate.

The explosions themselves look a bit like kohlrabi, a vegetable I tried the other day that tastes a bit like turnip. Though I’ve never had turnip. They weren’t entirely pleasant, but not entirely unpleasant either.

Matt Webb, S&W, posted 2006-04-06 (talk on 2006-02-23)