Velvet ...?

Once upon a time, I was 16 years old. Like many other 16-year olds around the world - or at least on its Northern Hemisphere - I was at a high school. The only difference might be that when I was 16, the revolution in the Czech Republic happened. The Velvet Revolution, as Western journalists liked to call it. Or, the Student Revolution, by the people who started it. So as a student, I was thrown into it... and I felt the history was marching around in a big time parade.

On these pages, you can find a description of the event that started the revolution and the first key days of it, as I had laid it on the pages of my journal ... that I actually kept writing only during the revolution.

In addition, there's a lot of other related resources I gathered over the time, not available anywhere else on the Net, I believe. Don't expect any graphical bells and whistles, though, as the site is extremely simple - it's a reconstruction of the text from an older site I partially lost due to a big time server crash...


Dan Franc


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The Journals and the Czechoslovak revolutions
My 1989 Revolution Diary >>>
M.C.Putna's 1989 Literary Description >>>
The East-European post-revolution "summer of love" by a British observer >>>
The 1969 Anticommunist riots in the eyes of an unwilling US participant

Your library packed with old books
The New York Times articles from 1989 >>>
Philadelphia Inquirer articles from 1989 >>>

Our high-school students revolutionary statement >>>
Underground Poetry in English by Havel, in Czech by Bondy and Wernish >>>
Underground music >>>
The official communist propaganda (a "counter diary") >>>
Anti-communist jokes... I'm still laughing hard >>>
My short overview of related Czechoslovak history >>>
...and more.

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