The Mac OS X version runs as an item in the menu bar, the title of which shows the glance state (just as a number for the moment).

The menu shows a history of glance states, rather than the group members present as it should in the future.

Glancing is a matter of choosing a menu option, rather than being automatic.

As you can see it's pretty ropey and has lots of test code in (ie, it has other menus, a debug window, and is present in the Dock), but hey, it works (and you can read about how it's implemented).

Oh, screenshot:

You can see the menu in which the client is running and the glance state history. It's falling. The window is for debug purposes, to manually start sessions and test setting the glance state across a whole group. The Terminal window shows the server messy debug output -- I'd like to do proper logging soon to find out how the app's being used. For the moment I'm just making sure things are working.