previously on interconnected

Interconnected's hard drive, which died late December 2003, has been recovered.

The retrieved data, which may or may not be complete, is being very slowly moved back to live.

Starting with that data owned by other people.

today's episode

The screen on my main computer, a laptop, died. Was in the process of dying.

I sent it off to be repaired.

Bad luck! Hard cheese!

Do you have a backup? asked the callcentre. Yes, I replied

without pause, without hesitation.

So my virtual life is on hold again.

Again again! Again again!

my tudo vector

is gradually reducing in dimensionality

but not reducing in magnitude. The new components display a degree of parallelism.

every nerve like a firefly*

There's a requiem, a new congregation

and it's telling me

go forward and walk

under a brighter sky.


matt at interconnected dot org