Interconnected will be back in the new year maybe another month.

Hard drive failure persists, data recovery is happening. Still.

state of the union

Seeing as it's my birthday, time for a review.

London has been a slow 3 years. A book, a paper. Two jobs, some freelance. What else? Becoming.

2004 - and let's not jinx things - could be an important year.

Itchy feet.

My todo vector (D, H, J, M, P, S) has simplified (D, H, J) and extended (D, H, J, RG, HT, D2). Update 2004-02-27: H.

If everything goes right, then this year will be the beginning of the curve. Steep from this perspective, shallow from the other.

That is, if you can talk about time perspectives.

what i'm saying is

These are the days of miracle and wonder


I'm guided by the beauty of our weapons.


Es, my girlfriend, is looking for a job in editorial/production in London.

Can you help? Her CV is on HireEs.com. Leads appreciated. Thanks!


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