All posts made the week commencing Sunday 25 May., 2003:

Before I [metaphor based on fictionalised model of the internet here, about getting re-engaged], here are my current four favourite frequently-updated sites. They rock very hard.

  • Girls Are Pretty has just had an epic last week, funniest thing out there.
  • Peter Lindberg, of Tesugen, reads a startling amount of quality stuff, and consistently (I mean always, for as long as I've been reading) pulls out the best quotes and has massively perceptive, original comments.
  • There's nothing to say about Erik Benson except that his essays are chock-full of genius ideas, and you should read everything he's written for the last month.
  • At BlackBeltJones, Matt Jones has been pulling together concepts from all over the place. Fantastic brain buzz material.

(And during my time of joblessness, enjobbedness, enforced-but-actually-very-pleasant offlinetime, I've done nothing but move house and write a single Upsideclown: Extelligence.)