Two strange and somewhat worrying things have occurred already this Saturday.

One | Yesterday I was sent spam email ordaining me as a minister in the Universal Life Church (based in California). Today I received in a physical envelope a certificate of the same. Only this letter was hand delivered to my house, and I live in London. A very scary mix of the virtual and the real. (Add to that the backpack full of documents left outside my front door, and I get the feeling I'm involved in something much larger and more complex than I realise.)

Two | Neighbours across and slightly further down the street are watching extremely filthy pornography with the curtains open. How do I know? Because their tele seemed to be showing some pink and rhythmic looking, so I checked it out with my binoculars for ten minutes or so, until I was sure what it was.

Granted, in the second of those incidents the party being strange and worrying was myself, but it's still a lot for a single day. More news as it happens.

Update: They're still watching porn. (By the way, if you read a weblog today that says anything like "He's still watching me with those damn binoculars!", could you let me know please? I'll be more discreet.)