I have a new hobby. I'm splitting universes. On the way back from Hammersmith tube to my house I pass a number of bollards, and phone boxes, and manhole covers in the pavement. Walking dead straight towards whatever-it-is, I clear my mind and refuse to think about which side I'm going to step to avoid it. Just as I'm about to hit I make an impulsive (and completely necessary) decision and pop that's it, the universe fork()s, and the alternate mes continue on their way. I step one way in one universe, and the other in the universe created for that decision. The multiverse, see, catering to all possibilities. It's a good feeling, being the Creator. Well, a creator really, if you're being pedantic.

This evening I must have created at least 31 extra universes (five binary decisions makes 32, deduct the one for this original). At the first bollard, I jumped right. Bada bing, another reality.

By the way. If that last sentence said "left" then you're from the alternate universe. Glad to have you with us. Hello!