All posts made the week commencing Sunday 25 Feb., 2001:

"At DTD School you will learn what DTD is. You will know how to use a DTD to define the legal elements of an XML document." Start Learning DTD!

Afghanistan are destroying Buddha statues, two huge 2000 year old ones. It's cultural vandalism, but I can't help admiring the kind of courage which makes it okay to completely obliberate the past.

And the government department responsible is the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. With a name like that they can do what they want.

Huge amount of reading material linked from Booknotes: What is hypertext? [via wood s lot].

Hey, I've got my own webcam haven't I? Temporary location only.

I'm glad that Dan posted all our topics of conversation from the other night (the first Wednesday on the page, most of the posts for that day) because I could remember barely any of them (simultaneously knowing they were all good) and I was about to email and ask for a copy of his notes.

Yes, we went to three bars, and he kept notes.

I very much like this Java 3-D Satellite Tracking applet. Zooming rotating Earth and satellite fun. Space-station too.

Brilliant free abstract desktop wallpapers

A new month, a new Thursday, and fresh thinking at Upsideclown:

Redemption is a funny old thing. Or, more precisely, "redemption" is a funny old thing. It's one of those words that only ever occur in highly specialised context. Christians, of course, talk about redemption, by which they mean the sacrifice whereby Christ took upon himself the burden of original sin and thus gave mankind the possibility of heaven.

And redemption continues, though coupons and Blake's 7, to make an Upsideclown with that mix of new ideas and story that I find so appealing. Dan is up today: Redemption.

Building the interplanetary Internet [via Slashdot] raises the cool idea of many internets, interconnected by gateways. Although handshake communication would be slow (speed of light lagtime), simple downloads/streaming video would be as fast as ever. Two internets. Heh.

Interesting question (but not a terribly good discussion) at Slashdot: Rebooting The World. "Say some cataclysm occurs that fries all microprocessors and scrambles the contents of all existing ROMs, disks, CD-ROMs, and any other machine-readable media in all computers. And the same fate falls on all high-tech manufacturing equipment. What would be the fastest way to 're-computerize' the world?" And what would we do differently?

Things I never knew, but wanted to: What the crime the A-Team did not commit actually was.

Look, Google's xml backend [via Scripting News]. That is a good thing.

One to keep an eye on: The goal of Subversion is "to build a version control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS".

I think the best way I can sum up my life at the moment is with a Haitian proverb I heard on the Today programme this morning: Behind the mountains, there are more mountains. Déyé món, gen món.

Addressing into the information space that is the www: What are URIs? Simple, fundamental, short and interesting definition of terms.

In the Blogger discussion forums: How to create a syndicatable Blog using Javascript.

Impressive looking enormous Unix timeline.

Get this, bees have hearts. And arses. Ants do too. I've been a bit stumped over the weekend trying to find out the truth in these matters; it just didn't seem right that bees did (I mean, they're too small, surely. The blood vessels just wouldn't be right -- aren't they only a couple of blood cells across? So the scale would be all wrong).

But ants have hearts: "The heart is a long tube that pumps colorless blood from the head back to the rear and then back up to the head again. The blood kind of coats the insides of the ants and is then sucked into the tube and pumped up to the head again". And this Introduction to Insect Anatomy confirms that those tiny things do have arses. Stunning.

But no lungs. Ants do not have lungs. But snails do -- and I just thought they were kind of full of goo and magic stuff.

I'm truly stunned by all of this. Thank you to Catherine whose l33t Googling skillz are far l33t-er than mine.

More questions: What is the smallest animal you can milk? And I know they make snake wine in China, but could you make bee jam?

There are some funky fonts and very tasty dingbats over at Font-a-licious.

Victor is setting the world to rights in today's fresh Upsideclown: "Steven Katz, screenwriter for Shadow of the Vampire, has got it spot on. Vampires should be vampires. You can't have people pretending to be vampires if they're not. It's a gross infringement on self-definition".

Setting clear boundaries and definitions for the blood-drinking undead, in Goth's Dinner.