All posts made the week commencing Sunday 26 Nov., 2000:

Not quite sure how I stumbled on these. My Miserable Life (and sister 'site My Miserable Christmas) collects tales of people's terrible life stories, and not in any sympathetic way either. "Share Your Pain", they say by the submission form, "(please try to be brief)".

It's either this or stealing everything on the page. As Above: Blog is completely full of great links and absolutely spot-on comment. Go.

We are the machine. We are the ants, the connections, the interactions. We are the brownian motion that as a whole has the emergent properties that we cannot possible understand.

And the ideas: the ideas are the fixed points about which the machine turns. They are the fermions to our bosons. We mediate their conversations. The idea is my fulcrum and I am the lever. Give me a fixed idea and I could lift the earth. starts with a brilliant concept: That individuals can make a difference if they have the information. They supply the details and the infrastructure to let get together and give each other hints about how to change society for the better. It's by Common Purpose: an independent educational organisation which aims to change the way society works.

Excellent, excellent news. See also: Stonewall.

Take your standard Flash mutilate-an-object game, and then make it completely photographic and beautifully put together: I've been making this pink bear suffer [via prolific] for a couple of days now.

iUndress [via blue ruin] combines point-and-click nudity with environmental politics. And so much depth! Check out, at least, the postcards, and the questions you have to answer to undress (some? The one I checked anyway) of the models. Great fun.

Another Thursday, another [rather late today, sorry] Upsideclown.

"I've got my own place," she tells me but I'm still not interested and both of us carry on walking the streets. Her face is a pallid wreck that no amount of make-up can mask and besides, I've tried most things and jacking off is still the best way to have sex in this city.

Neil is in the city: Urban Regeneration.

Why I Am Eating All The Pies by Chancellor Gordon Brown MP. Extremely funny, if you like that kind of thing.

Looking for Madam Tetrachromat [via slashdot]. Wow. Which touches on something that really bugs me: When you see something yellow, how do you know whether it's yellow photons, or a mix of red photons and green ones?

Maildrop replaces your local mail delivery agent and filters your email into folders based on specified rules.

In today's Upsideclown, Jamie looks into the female figure and the curious reactions it elicits. In the process he reveals fundamental human truths (as always), and the fact he's just a dirty old man. Excellent, very funny. Monday's Upsideclown is Eye Candy.