All posts made the week commencing Sunday 12 Nov., 2000:

IKEA has expanded their Tattooman 'site which is without doubt the best advertising campaign in the history of tele. Turn the tattooman round (those red arrows) and click on the eye to watch the commercials. Brilliant.

Instant Karma [Flash] DIY ambient music. Mellow.

Another Thursday, but not any Thursday. Today it's my Upsideclown.

I stand naked under the African sun, a knife in one hand, a spear in the other. Never has the air tasted as fresh as this. I take one step backward, one forwards and then another. I hunch. My eyes drink the light, greedily. The leopard faces me only metres away, head to the floor, back arching skyward.

I explore, as ever, the fundamental truths of life and humanity, and in doing so take on the leopard face-to-face. What is that? I hear you ask. Come, learn, understand: The truth about the leopard.

Watch geeks in their natural habitat: the UMS office cam [this url will be changing over the next few days]. I'm the one with the blue hair.

Famous Fonts from brands, films and CD designs.

asdf; asdf story.

Right. If you have Windows, do this now:

  • Download EzeeBeeb and unzip it (more instructions).
  • Run 'BeebEm' in the 'intelbin' folder.
  • Choose 'load disk 0' from the File menu. Click on Games; load imogen.ssd.
  • Type, at the BBC prompt, "*!BOOT".
  • The x and z keys go left and right. Press return while you're moving and you'll jump. Use the cursor keys to move along the icons at the top. You can turn into a monkey or a cat (or a bird, if you can catch it, on one level) by pressing the space bar with that icon selected. Monkeys can climb; cats can jump more. Items you pick up you can select with the cursor and press space to use, only as the wizard. Solve the puzzles to collect the magic thing on each level.
  • Enjoy.

There. Imogen is possibly one of my favourite games ever. Do you promise you'll have a go?

Hundreds more BBC games.

Oh yeah baby. Easy to install, loads of games: EzeeBeeb BBC Model B Microcomputer emulator. Playing all those old skool games, it's... hm. I can feel my childhood crumbling.

Kye (and another good Kye 'site) is a remarkably addictive game for Mac and Windows. Move around, avoid and trap the beasties, collect the crystals, design your own levels. They don't make games like this anymore. My productivity is going way down.

The Ship of Fools Fruitcake zone has pointers to some of the most entertaining Christian 'interest' 'sites. Ever wondered how close we are to the Rapture? Simply tally up your favourite end of the world indicators: the Armageddon stock market.

I'll not even mention the Christian Naturists Home Page, except to say that I'd never realised there were so many theological implications of being nude.

And also from the Ship of Fools (in Gadgets for God) come Handy Hindus; finger puppets of Brahma, Ganesh and more.

The Bible Bar contains the Seven Foods of Deuteronomy: Wheat, barley, raisins, honey, figs, pomegranates, olive oil. It's based on the seven fine principals of Biblical nutrition. [links courtesy of flat James.]

Hello Monday, hello fresh Upsideclown. This time... well:

Started as a rash, but one which moved into the skin rather than out. Little red bumps which turned into blisters which then vanished. Until I saw that the bumps were still there, but under a layer of tissue; still soft, still hurting but not as visible. The next morning, and one application of hydrocortisone later, my skin was smooth and soft, but now there was an aching in my joints. In my bones.

George, it seems, has been ill: Lyrical Genius.