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Today, more than ever, programming feels like sculpture but simultaneously carving the block to see the figure within, and building layer on layer to reach the extreme boundary -- and constantly shifting my goals with what's emerging. That it works, in itself, is incredible, but more fantastic still is the way I sit in autopilot while my brain does all the hard work. It's a feeling unlike any other.

I know many people for whom the Goth Powerpuff Girls will have great appeal. For them. [via Memepool]

Loads of random cool stuff at Some favourites: 24; 73; 74.

popbitch is the funniest thing since sliced bread (and sliced bread was pretty fucking funny before it went pass&eacute, let me tell you). Tip o' the hat to my new flat mate James for letting me know about that.

Thursday! Our first ever Thursday Upsideclown:

But wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me go back to the beginning. Weave a circle round me twice, for I have returned from the mountain with the secret of Ananova.

Dan's excellent latest piece is now up, and he's given it what must be the best title of all time: Onanova. Enjoy.

Man, Robot Frank [via Haddock] is uberkewl (but I prefer his friend Robot Ron because Ron likes ninjas).

Hey, remember those stories where you fill in words yourself and it's supposed to be really funny? automates the whole process. This isn't necessarily a good thing.

A guitarist and a committee of two-headed priests join a political cause. Nominated for Writer's Digest Top 101 Most Useful Websites for Writers 1999!

I've stumbled across a whole terrifying self-validation fad. I mean, Rate My Picture (similar, but not so good: Rate Me) -- why is this popular? What sort of people are they going to turn in to? I lack the words, I really do.

I might upload my photo later.

Anti-Porn: I am scared. I am so, so scared.

Shout from the top of mountains and tell all your friends (and your enemies too) -- it's the second coming of Dirk, come to sap your time away.

It's Monday, so it's new Upsideclown day: Victor's I like sweets that taste of medicine is now available for your delight.

And the news I promised a few days back? We're switching to twice weekly. Upsideclown is now fresh every Monday and every Thursday. It's because we love you so.

Excellent Slashdot world history [via Robotwisdom].