Mention! Mention! interconnected mentioned on barbe-- plasticbag.

Here's the thing about sites you read on a regular basis: You never link to them. I mention places I've been for the first time and from that you get an idea about the sort of person I am, but you never see the sites on my daily rotation. I don't mind mentioning them, but the opportunity never comes up -- and I also don't like having conversations on homepages when it should really be in email, or reciprocal linking for reciprocal linking's sake. What's worse is that this 'weblog' style of homepage is hard enough for first-time visitors to read without making the content feel quite exclusive too. So: I only link when there's a hook, or I've got something to talk about... which makes me feel mean, especially when people link to me. There's no obligation to link back, I know, but the practice is so widespread to not take part looks like a slight, and there's no other way to say 'cheers'.

Hm. Rambling now.